Instructions for Investing in Urban Catalyst Opportunity Fund II, LLC


Please follow the following steps for investing in Urban Catalyst Opportunity Fund II, LLC.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Yoram Arbel: Tel. 408-372-6669.

Subscription Process:

  1. Review the PPM  (Private Placement Memorandum).  If you do not have it already, here is a link to a copy - Urban Catalyst PPM

  2.  Send an email indicating the investment amount and the investing entity registration (e.g. your own name, joint tenants, a name of a trust, etc.).   Send this, and any following emails in the subscription process, to Pisoot Senethavilay with a copy to Yoram Arbel
    If you would like to make a deposit for a future investment date (e.g. following a close of an upcoming real estate transaction) please indicate it.
    If you are a member of an investment group, please note it in this email.

  3. In parallel, fill out the Investor Qualification Form in the link below.  If you invest as a natural person (including joint tenants) please use:
    If you invest as an entity (including a living trust) please use:

  4. In parallel, email a copy of an Accreditation Verification letter. This is typically signed by your CPA, lawyer, or a financial advisor. There are also third parties that can provide it.  Contact Yoram Arbel if you have questions on how to obtain such letter.

  5. You will receive a Docusign with the subscription agreement (a copy of which is in Appendix A of the PPM).  Sign it.

  6. You will also receive wiring instructions.  Wire the funds, and email a notification with amount and date sent. Here is a copy of the wiring instructions to the fund:
    Click here to view bank wiring instructions.

  7. Upon receipt of funds you will receive a “Welcome Letter”, which will be followed by an email from the Fund Administrator, NES Financial, who will complete the onboarding process.

General Information: