1031 Exchange vs. Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

Why Choose a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund(“QOZF”) Over 1031 Exchange? 

Many investors who have recently sold a property are having issues with their 1031 exchange. The banks are being conservative on real estate lending; not only that, there are also a lot less suitable replacement properties available in the market as people are pulling out of property sales. 

Have you thought about investing in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds instead? 

Did you know? 1031 exchange and Opportunity Zone Funds share a lot of similarities so it’s not a completely unknown territory you have to enter. In fact, the key differences between the two are exactly what will benefit you in the long-term.

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Last but not least, you have to pay back your depreciation when you sell your real estate with 1031 exchange if you do not put it into another replacement property, but not with Opportunity Zone Funds. There is no depreciation recapture with Opportunity Zone Funds. 

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