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Building in San Jose, and the Bay Area in general, is challenging due to zoning, land costs, and land entitlement procedures. With a cohesive team of local real estate professionals, Urban Catalyst is in a unique position to turn these challenges into an opportunity as the city is experiencing rapid housing and business growth.

Many key parts of San Jose, including portions of downtown San Jose now fall into designated Opportunity Zones. Downtown San Jose is home to the Civic Center, San Jose State University, Adobe, the regional multi-modal transit center, and will soon be home to a new Google campus which is expected to add one million square feet of office space. From these communities alone, real estate investors can expect demand for walkable businesses and housing options to support students and employees. Other neighborhoods offer opportunities to take advantage of transit as well as urban infill.

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While very little of San Francisco falls into qualified Opportunity Zones, much of Oakland and parts of the East Bay do. Oakland and the East Bay have experienced rapid growth and neighborhood improvements over recent years. The city’s population has been increasing since 2011, and job growth has outpaced housing development in the Bay Area.

On the residential development side, due to high (and still climbing) housing costs in San Francisco, housing in Oakland is in demand and home prices are on the rise. West Oakland, Uptown, Jingletown, and Coliseum Industrial are all experiencing active residential development as the West Oakland, 19th Street, Fruitvale, and Coliseum BART stations have all become convenient hubs for job and residential growth.

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